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New Style bathtub
Renovating your bathroom and looking for new style bathtub ideas? When choosing a new bathtub there a few things to take into consideration before you decide. Firstly, you must consider how much space you have for the new bathtub. The ergonomics (is it easy to get in and out or is it comfortable to soak in)
bathroom layout
Are you keen to discover how to find the right accessories for your contemporary bathroom? The right accessories can personalize your space. They can add a touch of warmth to an otherwise ordinary space. A carefully placed mirror, the right towel and robe hooks, and the addition of vanity mirror LED lights. All of these
renovation expert
Are you toying with the idea of renovating your bathroom? Bathroom remodelling is an excellent way to increase the home value if you’re planning on selling your house. It’s also a great way of just sprucing up the space you’re already living in if you have no plans of selling immediately. However, it’s not a
Basic Shower Head
Would you like to upgrade your bathroom shower head but don’t know where to start? Showerheads add to the quality of your shower and regardless of how luxurious your shower room is, the type of showerhead that you use can form the basis of your shower comfort. They come in varying designs and sizes and the
Luxury Bathroom Sinks
Are you planning to improve or install a new sink for your bathroom?   A luxury bathroom cannot be complete without a functional, durable, and aesthetic sink. The sink complements the design and thematic concept of the other bathroom accessories and fittings, setting the tone for the entire bathroom. That is why choosing this before anything
small bathroom renovations
Do you have a small bathroom and wondering how to manage the small space? If your bathroom is small, it may leave you with very little storage and space to manoeuvre. Trying to make everything fit can be a real challenge. Don’t let it stress you, you can make small changes to your bathroom to