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Bathroom Renovation Mistakes
Bathroom renovations are so exciting. Picking new tiles and fittings as well as a colour scheme is fun, and you can really get your creative juices running. There is no better feeling than seeing the full bathroom come alive before your very own eyes. At Belle Bathrooms it is our pleasure to see the smile

Planning A Small Modern Bathroom Renovation

Small Modern Bathrooms
A bathroom renovations is a great investment that adds value to a property. What is great about them is the fact that you do not need to have a lot of money for you to create your dream bathroom. You can transform a boring and drab bathroom into a modern, relaxing cool space while sticking
small bathroom renovation
Are you thinking of doing a small bathroom renovation? The bathroom can be an oasis that you can escape to and relax in. Small bathrooms, however, can easily become cluttered and claustrophobic. A few minor changes can be made to not only make a small bathroom look more spacious, but also make it more functional.
luxury bathtubs sydney
Did you know that luxury is the ultimate indulgence? Australian bathrooms have recently been leaning towards a more luxurious feel. With the amount of time we spend in our bathrooms, why not make it your little cove of luxury where you can get ready in a relaxed manner. Many renovations in Sydney use as bathtub
professional bathroom designer
Are you thinking of doing a DIY bathroom remodel? Think again. Bathroom renovations can get very costly if the finished product looks shoddy and has to be redone. DIY projects seem simple enough for most people to understand but there are other aspects of a bathroom remodel that only previous experience can teach. Below are
full bathroom makeover in Sydney
Full bathroom makeovers are exciting. Looking up different bathroom designs and deciding what your new bathroom will look like is exhilarating, but that is not all there is to it. There are a couple of things that you need to be aware of so that this process does not end up taking months to complete