Planning a bathroom remodel can be quite exciting. It’s a time that’s full of wonder as one ponders all of the amazing styles and designs that your new bathroom could take. You could choose to transform your bathroom into a modern oasis filled with stunning white tiles and backlit conical mirrors, or into a more
These days, bathrooms are no longer simply the functional rooms that they used to be. They have evolved over the years from small nooks at the end of corridors that housed only a toilet and washstand, to vibrant spaces that hold some of the world’s most stunning interior designs and architectural styles. And this has
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When it comes to bathroom renovations, your budget pretty much determines the trajectory that you will take. Some people start bathroom renovations without knowing how much they will need to outlay and mid-way they end up realizing that more preparation would have been required. At Belle Bathrooms we have been part and parcel of many
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Maybe you have been thinking about remodeling your bathroom for some time now. Or maybe there are small things that you see in your bathroom that gnaw at you and make you feel like you are due for a new bathroom to remodel. If this sounds like something that you are experiencing, you are not
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At the end of a very tiring day, it is nice to just relax and recuperate. Your bathroom is one space where that should happen. If you have a dark and cluttered bathroom, that is not easy and the space will be uninviting. At Belle Bathrooms we love it when our clients get the bathrooms
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A small bathroom is supposed to feel intimate and cosy and not feel cramped and cluttered. If you are starting to feel claustrophobic in your bathroom, it might be time to declutter and make changes that will make it look and feel bigger. At Belle Bathrooms, we excel at bringing out the best out of